Below are a number of common pests encountered by UK homes and businesses. The list is just a small selection of the pests you may encounter, if yours is not listed please call us for advice.


The mole is among the most common mammals in the UK, but because it spends most of its life under the ground, it is rarely seen. For most people, it is the familiar sight of molehills of soil in fields and even on lawns which is their only experience of these secretive animals.

A mole’s diet mainly consists of earthworms, but they also feed on beetles and other insects, even baby mice and occasionally shrews if they come upon them while on the surface.

Large molehills mark the position of a nest; a line of small molehills marks the direction of a deep tunnel; a continuous line of earth marks a very shallow tunnel.

Moles are considered as pests where they damage lawns and fields.

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Mice & Rats

Rats and mice are very common pests across the whole of the UK. They can infest any property or location that supplies an adequate food and water source. Both species multiply extraordinarily quickly and one can become hundreds in a matter of weeks.

Rats and mice carry unwanted diseases into our homes and businesses. The most famous being leptospirosiss or weils disease which is passed to humans when they come into contact with rat urine. Other diseases such as salmonella are also common.

Rats and mice contaminate food, destroy building structures and cause fires when chewing on electric cables. They are feared and unwelcome in any surroundings.

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Nobody wants fleas in their house or business premises but fleas can be one of the most difficult pests to get rid of. Once an infestation occurs, a professional is needed immediately to exterminate them.

Fleas bite both people and pets which in some cases create severe allergic reactions. Fleas account for over half of all dermatological conditions requiring a veterinarian. Often times the customer complains about being bit, generally around the ankles. Finding and identifying fleas on the pet or in the home is very important!

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Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are annoying, disgusting and year-round pests. They are very elusive, transient, and nocturnal. Bed bugs often hide in sleeping areas and feed primarily on humans. You may have unexplained skin rash or itchy red bumps 1 to 9 days after bites (arms, face, hands or neck) and may also see black or dark-brown spots on your mattress and sheets.

For our typical bed bug treatment, a technician will thoroughly inspect and treat wall outlets, baseboards, door and window frames, headboards, mattresses, bed frames, upholstered furniture, behind wall hanging items, nightstands and other furniture.

Our heat treatment solution offers a more effective and efficient bed bug removal and helps reduce the need for any follow up treatments, using heat to eradicate bed bugs in one treatment.

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Bees & Wasps

Wasps are known to sting even when they are not provoked. Wasp stings can be very painful especially when they cause an allergic reaction. The removal of wasp nests is therefore required when you notice a level of activity of wasps in and around your property in order to reduce the risk of being stung.

Although bees are not protected, we do everything we can to remove honey bees without harming them, this goes for Bumble bees too. However, if bumble bees are in an inaccessible area unfortunately they will need to be destroyed. We have access to an experienced local beekeeper for help and advice.

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Cluster Flies inhabit roof spaces through the colder months. The adults lay the eggs externally in flowerbeds and compost heaps. When colder weather arrives they seek shelter to hibernate over winter in roof voids and cavities. Thousands can accumulate leaving householders devastated in early spring when the flies decide to vacate the roof spaces and invade the living areas of the properties.

The Common House Fly can be found in most households throughout the UK. They breed in and around rubbish dumps and decaying matter. Like the Blue Bottle they are famed for carrying a whole host of unwanted diseases. Removing breeding sites is of up most importance when trying to eradicate infestations.

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